24v 280Ah Lifepo4 kit with EVE Grade A

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24v 280Ah EVE Grade A 7168Wh Lifepo4 battery with Bluetooth ready-to-use

Complete kit based on modern Lifepo4, which is ready for use within a few minutes. All necessary components are included in the kit and perfectly matched.

The battery has a variety of functions:

  • Bluetooth
  • Temperature monitoring
  • cell monitoring
  • Charge status display
  • Short circuit protection
  • Customization options

It is a complete set that is suitable for both beginners and advanced users. The cells are tested, loaded, balanced and initialized. The set can be assembled using the enclosed instructions, and thanks to its modular design and the latest technology, it can be expanded, changed and reconfigured at any time. An old lead, gel or AGM battery can be replaced 1 to 1 with the supplied BMS (Battery Management System).

The advantages of lifepo4 batteries:

  • reduced weight
  • higher and fully usable capacity
  • longer service life with many thousands of cycles

In addition to the variant shown here, there are also the following voltages and capacities:

We grant a 3-year guarantee on our products. If a component is defective, it will be replaced quickly and free of charge.


  • Continuous discharge power: 200A = 5120W (briefly 600A)
  • Continuous charging power: 200A = 5120W
  • Bluetooth connectivity and corresponding app (status display, on/off and other features)
  • Charging and discharging functions are controlled independently (automatically stop charging when the battery is full and continue to output electricity)
  • Battery dimensions including BMS:
    • Length: 68.5cm
    • Width: 17.5cm
    • Height: 23.5cm (also possible lying down, then only 17.5cm high)
    • Weight: 46.8 kg

Scope of delivery

8x EVE 280Ah Grade A Lifepo4, 6000 cycles, LF280K

  • 8x copper connectors, 16x nuts M6 with serrations
  • Quality level: Grade A
  • 6000 cycles
  • Energy per cell 896Wh, total 7168Wh
  • Data sheet with technical specifications
  • Cells tested, loaded, balanced

Daly Smart BMS 24v 200A 5120 Watt

  • free app (Apple Appstore and Google Play)
  • Continuous discharge power: 200A = 5120W
  • Continuous charging power: 200A = 5120W
  • Bluetooth module
  • Temperature sensor
  • 2x protective covers L and R
  • RS485 to USB cable
  • Balance cable 24v 9pin 100cm with crimped M6 ring terminals
  • Data sheet with technical specifications
  • fully configurable

Heavy duty fixation set

  • 1x front side
  • 1x backside
  • 2x straps
  • 6x M3 screws
  • 9x isolation washers
  • 1x wrench 10mm + insulation
  • 1x assembly aid
  • 20x cable ties
  • 0.3m flexible, high-quality silicone copper cable 35mm² with pressed ring cable lugs M6+M8

detailed German assembly instructions and operating instructions

We also offer a variety of individual solutions.For inquiries of any kind you can contact us at any time under kontakt@lifepode or here our contact form to contact us.

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