48V complete battery

Our complete battery with a capacity of 16kWh, a continuous output of 10,240W and 8000 cycles is manufactured by us in Bavaria and is delivered to you ready for installation.

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Save 19% sales tax

As a result of the new law (JStG 2022 § 12 Paragraph 3 UStG), the VAT of 19% for purchases of PV systems and their essential components including batteries can be completely eliminated from January 1, 2023 . This saves you the entire VAT of 19%!

Made in Germany

Complete batteries and battery systems from our own production in Bavaria.

Quality product

Industrial quality cells with verifiable origin with test protocols for each cell.

3 year guarantee

We offer a 3-year guarantee on our products and offer German customer support.

Fast delivery

Large inventory with our own warehouse near Munich. Free pickup also possible.

0% VAT complete batteries

Complete and ready-to-connect Lifepo4 battery with a voltage of 48V, a capacity of 16kWh and a continuous output of 10240W.

0% VAT kits

Complete kits based on modern Lifepo4, which are ready for use within a few minutes. All necessary components are included in the kit and are perfectly coordinated with each other.

0% VAT cells

Original Lifepo4 cells from the brand manufacturer EVE in Grade A+ quality and test protocols.


The battery management systems (BMS) are used to monitor, regulate and protect Lifepo4 cells.

0% VAT Active Balancers

Active balancers ensure fast, efficient and very precise voltage balancing of the Lifepo4 cells.

0% VAT copper connectors

Flexible copper connectors with the finest flexible copper levels.

Cables and contacts

Cables and contacts for connecting cells.

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Save 19% VAT on batteries, PV and accessories
19% MwSt. sparen für Batterien, PV und Zubehör
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Save 19% VAT on batteries, PV and accessories

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