Technology, patent registration and design

Our battery systems are based on state-of-the-art and very long-lasting Lifepo4 cells. They are designed to combine a variety of advantages while being extremely space-saving and economical. The smaller versions (12v/24v kits) are often used in campers, mobile homes, balcony power plants or tiny houses. Our larger versions (48v kits), however, are ideal for classic PV systems. Due to the higher energy stored, large consumers and entire households can be supplied independently by the battery for several days.


Our battery systems are legally protected by various types of protection. These include a patent application, several utility models and the design (design patent). Details and sketches from the patent application are listed below as examples.



Our battery systems are made up of several high-performance cells, which can ensure high cycle stability and thus a long service life of almost 8000 charging cycles. Lifepo4 cells are considered the safest and most economical battery variant on the market - and for good reasons:

  • Their compact size and up to 70% reduced weight compared to other batteries make them the ideal storage device for a variety of applications. From campers to boats to powering entire houses.
  • LiFePo4 batteries can be completely discharged and their capacity fully used. There is no memory effect as occurs with old batteries.
  • LiFePo4 cells are intrinsically safe, meaning they will not ignite or leak.
  • LiFePo4 batteries are one of the most modern lithium batteries. Due to a high number of cycles, the service life of LiFePo4 batteries is extremely long.
  • LiFePo4 batteries are not only significantly cheaper and therefore more economical compared to lithium-ion batteries, but also have higher cycle stability.

Patent application and utility model

There is a patent application, utility model and design protection (design patent) for our battery systems. Below you can see the certificates of the utility models for the device for fixing prismatic battery cells, circuit cover and modular battery system with this circuit cover, protective cover and modular battery system with this protective cover and support element and a battery cell with this support element.

Vorrichtung Verschaltungsabdeckung
Schutzabdeckung Transportsicherung
Urkunde BMS Schutzabdeckungen


The intellectual property rights can be found at the German Patent and Trademark Office under the following file numbers.

Designation File number Download

Protective cover and modular battery system with this protective cover

20 2022106 257 pdf

Interconnection cover and modular battery system with this interconnection cover

20 2022 106 264 pdf
Device for fixing prismatic battery cells 20 2022 000 119 pdf

Support elements and a battery cell with this support element

20 2022 107 078 pdf
Protective cover and system with this protective cover 20 2022 107 079 pdf


The design (design patent) is also protected and can be found at the German Patent and Trademark Office under the following reference number.

Design protection (design patent)


In the following we show some example sketches.

This sketch shows the 12v 280Ah variant of our battery system. This is the basic structure of our classic battery system. It consists of 4 prismatic Lifepo4 cells, two end plates made of high-performance plastic, a battery management system, tension straps, insulating washers and a variety of built-in functions such as strap guides and fasteners.

Battery system 12v 280Ah


The battery system consists of several components. One of them is this end plate made of high-performance plastic. It has a variety of functions such as: b Belt guides, fastening mechanisms and the temperature sensor channel.

End plate made of high-performance plastic


End plate made of high-performance plastic
with highlighted temperature sensor channel (9-2, 9-1, 9-3)


Back end plate made of high-performance plastic


Copper connector cover with various functions


Cover (long version) of the copper connectors with various functions (sectional view)


Coverage in an exemplary representation during use



One of the advantages of our battery system is its flexibility and scalability. The basic components can be used to produce much larger battery systems very easily and in a space-saving manner. Below is an example of a 48v 280Ah kit. It consists of 16 cells, of which 8 are installed per row. This creates a very compact structure with a stored energy of 14.3kWh.

Battery system 48v 280Ah with 14.3kWh




Our products can be used flexibly and have a variety of applications. Thanks to the same basic structure of the different battery systems, cells can be flexibly added and the power, voltage and storage capacity of the battery can be expanded. Thanks to the compact design, the LiFePo4 batteries can be used in a wide variety of locations and for a variety of purposes.

For example, our LiFePo4 battery kits can be used as mobile power or energy storage. This means they provide the perfect basis for an emergency generator that will continue to provide you with electricity during power outages, or a mobile battery that will provide you with power on longer camping trips.

Our LiFePo4 batteries can be used not only during power outages or mobile applications, but also to feed photovoltaic systems or balcony power plants. You can find more information on this topic in our blog article How PV systems with LiFePo4 batteries work.


Here you can see our complete 12v 280Ah kit on a Lifepo4 base, which contains all the necessary components. It consists of 4 EVE Grade A+ cells, a BMS, our heavy duty fixation set and other functional accessories. In addition to the technical data, another important aspect is our self-written German and very detailed instructions. Each step of assembly is described in detail.



All of our EVE Grade A+ cells are tested, charged, balanced and initialized. All cells are original Lifepo4 cells from the brand manufacturer EVE with laser-engraved, complete QR code. Our customers do not need to have their own tools; they can put the cells into operation directly using the assembly instructions for one of our battery systems.



Depending on the desired capacity, voltage and power range, a different number of cells can be used to construct a battery.


The cells can also be arranged in different configurations, i.e. in one or two rows. This ensures that the battery dimensions can be designed as flexibly as possible in order to adapt the space required to the respective installation situation.

Battery Management System

Our Daly BMS is one of the most modern battery management systems with a variety of functions. The BMS can be adjusted via smartphone and the charging status and other parameters can be viewed using the free app.


Heavy Duty fixation set

The Heavy Duty fixing set holds our battery kits together and is unique in its design. The set consisting of 3D printed front and back sides, tension straps, screws and insulating washers, in conjunction with other accessories, acts as the outer shell of the battery.

The design is protected by the European Union Intellectual Property Office.

Below is a short excerpt and example images of our protected design.






Other Accessories



Cover copper connections



Application sketch