24v 280Ah - EVE - EV Grade (A+) - 7168Wh - 6000 cycles - Lifepo4 cells

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24v 280Ah - EVE - EV Grade (A+) - 7168Wh - 6000 cycles - Lifepo4 cells

8x EVE 280Ah EV Grade (A+) Lifepo4, 6000 cycles, LF280K

  • individually tested and approved by EVE, delivery with test report, usable capacity over 290Ah, internal resistance 0.15mOhm
  • suitable for electric vehicles and as battery storage in PV systems
  • reinforced copper connector with 50mm² pure copper, nickel-plated and specially surface-treated for maximum conductivity
  • the cells have a storage voltage of 30% (HERE you can find the cells charged+balanced+initialized)


    • the cells have a storage voltage of 30%
    • each cell was individually tested and approved by the manufacturer EVE
    • each cell was tested several times during the production process:
      • Capacity check
      • triple voltage test with open circuit voltage
      • triple test of internal resistance
    • Cells matched according to internal resistance and capacity
    • Data Matrix Code (QR Code) for tracking and indicating the production date
    • incl. Serial number-related test report for each cell
    • solid terminal with double screw connection for maximum contact area
    • verifiable origin and traceability through Data Matrix Code
    • Guaranteed quality: EV Grade (A+), suitable for use in electric vehicles and as battery storage in PV systems
    • Internal resistance 0.15mOhm
    • Energy per cell 896Wh, total 7168Wh
    • Data sheet with detailed technical specifications
    • Lifespan of 6000 cycles
    • safe and very stable foam packaging (approx. 23kg per 4 cells)
    • selected cells that are also used in the automotive sector
    • The cells exceed the nominal capacity of 280Ah (a full 280Ah is guaranteed to be removable)
    • 3 year guarantee (Warranty conditions)

    Scope of delivery:

    • incl. Serial number-related test report (capacity, 3x internal resistance, 3x voltage) for each cell
    • incl. 8 pieces 50mm² copper connectors (nickel-plated and specially surface-treated for maximum conductivity, 20x2.5mm pure copper) with double screw connection, 72mm hole spacing
    • incl. 32x M6 nuts with locking teeth and 32x set screws M6x25
    • Each terminal has two reinforced M6 threads (HELICOIL® thread insert) for a permanently stable and firm connection
    • incl. 16x transport locks for terminal (removable)
    • detailed data sheet

    Technical data:

    • EVE LF280K
    • Width: 174mm
    • Height: 205mm
    • Thickness: 72mm
    • Weight: 5.22kg
    • Charging rate: 1C = 280A
    • Discharge rate: 1C = 280A
    • Cycles: >6000
    • Internal resistance: 0.15mΩ

    The tightening torque for the new EVE terminals with double screw connection is 6Nm. You can find suitable torque wrenches here.

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