Guarantee conditions for 3-year guarantee

  1. Duration of guarantee and area of ​​validity
    NanoElektroTechnik GmbH provides end users with a voluntary manufacturer's guarantee of three years in addition to the statutory guarantee.

    The period for calculating the warranty period starts from the date of purchase by the first customer (invoice date). The guarantee is transferred if the guarantee holder sells the product to another end user.

    The repair of the product and replacement services do not extend the guarantee period. Are excluded from the guarantee Consumables and consumables.

  2. Prerequisites and assertion
    The prerequisite for a warranty claim is a defect or malfunction that no longer allows the intended use of the product or restricts it to a disproportionate extent.

    Claims within the scope of this The guarantee must be asserted by notifying NanoElektroTechnik GmbH in writing no later than 14 days after the error occurred.

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    NanoElektroTechnik GmbH
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    For the processing of a warranty claim, a written description of the fault and proof of purchase (invoice with date of purchase) are mandatory. To check the product, it must be sent to the guarantor. It is important to ensure that the product or its components are securely packaged to avoid damage in transit.

    The tested or repaired product will be returned within Germany at the expense of the guarantor. For returns outside of Germany, the transport costs must be borne by the guarantee holder.

  3. Warranty
    A guarantee is limited to the value of the originally paid purchase price. The manufacturer's liability under this warranty is limited to replacing, repairing or refunding the product. The choice of whether to exchange, repair or reimburse costs is at the discretion of the guarantor. If a defective product is no longer in the range, the guarantor reserves the right to exchange it for a technically equivalent product from the current range.

    A product that is replaced under a guarantee or its parts are removed when the guarantee is provided becomes the property of the guarantor.

    Further claims, in particular for compensation for direct or indirect damage caused by the defect in the device, the costs incurred by disassembly and installation or lost profits, are excluded if liability is not mandatory by law.

  4. Warranty exclusions
    The manufacturer's guarantee does not cover damage, defects and malfunctions caused by:
    - non-observance of the operating instructions
    - force majeure (e.g. lightning, overvoltage, storms , flood, fire)
    - normal wear and tear
    - mechanical impact such as fall or deformation
    - improper use
    - incorrect installation, configuration, commissioning or operation
    - malfunction of other connected devices
    - Non-observance of safety precautions
    - non-approved changes, programming or repairs

  5. Place of performance and place of jurisdiction
    German law applies to this guarantee. The place of performance for the obligations arising from this guarantee is Munich, Germany. As far as permissible, the place of jurisdiction is Munich, Germany.