Victron MultiPlus 12/2000/80-32 PMP122200000

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Multifunctional, with intelligent energy management
The MultiPlus is a powerful pure sine wave inverter, an advanced battery charger that combines the adaptive
charger technology, and a high-speed AC transfer switch in a single compact
housing. Apart from these primary functions, the MultiPlus also offers several advanced functions which are explained in the

Parallel and 3-phase operation possible
Up to six multis can be connected in parallel if there is a high power requirement .
Apart from the parallel connection, three units can also be configured for a three-phase output.

PowerControl - Working with limited generator power, limited shore or mains power
With the Multi Control remote control panel, the max The mains or generator current to be drawn can be set.
The MultiPlus then takes into account other connected AC consumers and only uses the current for charging
that is still “left” is. This prevents the generator or shore power connection from being overloaded.

PowerAssist - "Performance increase" of generators and shore connection support
This function gives the PowerControl principle a new dimension . It allows the MultiPlus to support alternative sources that are too weak
. Load peaks often only occur for a limited period of time. In such a case, the MultiPlus ensures
that insufficient shore power or generator power is immediately compensated
with energy from the battery. If the load is reduced, i. H. if consumers are switched off, the sufficient energy that is then available can be used to
charge the batteries.

Four-stage adaptive charger and dual battery charging
The main output uses advanced "adaptive charging" software to provide powerful charging of the
battery system. The software fine-tunes the automatic, three-stage charging process in order to adapt it to the battery condition as best possible
. It also adds a fourth tier for long periods of preservation mode. The
adaptive charging process is described in more detail in the data sheet for the Phoenix charger and on our website under "Technical Information"
. In addition, the MultiPlus charges a second battery using an independent
trickle charge output intended for a main engine or alternator starter battery.

High inrush power
This is used to switch on loads with high inrush currents such as voltage converters for LED lamps, halogen lamps or power tools required.

Search mode
If the search mode is set to 'on', the power consumption of the inverter during no-load operation reduced by approximately 70%
. In this mode, when operating in Inverter mode, the Multi will turn off at no load or
light load and will turn back on every two seconds for a short period of time. If the
output current exceeds a set limit value, the inverter resumes operation. If this is not the case,
the inverter switches itself off again.

programmable relay
In the basic setting, the multifunction relay acts as an alarm relay, switches off the device in the event of faults (device
overheats, ripple voltage at the input too high, battery voltage too low)

Remote on/off/charger on
Three pin connector.

On-site system configuration, monitoring and control
After installation, the MultiPlus is ready for use.
Some settings can be changed using the DIP switches.
500/800/1200 VA models: remote switch / battery voltage / inverter frequency / search mode.
1600) Models 2000 VA: battery charging voltage / search mode.
Use VEConfig or the VE.Bus Smart Dongle for further settings.

Remote configuration and monitoring
Install a Cerbo GX or other GX products to become familiar with to connect to the internet.
The operating data can be saved and viewed free of charge on our VRM (Victron Remote Management) website.
If systems are connected to the internet, they can be accessed remotely and settings can be changed

Rated voltage: 12V
Output voltage: 230V
Number of AC outputs: 1
Rated power: 2000VA
Continuous power (25°C): 1600W
Peak power: 3500W
Max. Charging current: 80A
Mains current switching: 35A
Dimensions in mm (LxWxH) 506x236x147
Weight: 20kg.
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